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no because this is actually fucking true this prick ass bitch can

  • draw
  • act
  • pretty sure he can sing like a fucking angel
  • and is like super shitting nice
  • and it pisses me off
  • and to add it all
  • he is gorgeous

the only thing we can pick on him for is that he can’t cut fucking tomatoes


UGH I HATE THIS MAN (Not really)


Not only that, but he also

  • Reads a significant amount
  • Reads actual, intellectually stimulating literature
  • Can carry out urbane conversations
  • Is extraordinarily humble and modest
  • Has the leanest waist I may have possibly ever seen
  • Is ginger.


Some more stuff to add on to the list:

  • his immense, extensive vocabulary
  • the ability to look damn good in any type of hairstyle
  • can maintain attractiveness even with that creeper!stache
  • he can fucking write. Seriously, he could have chose to be a journalist or some shit. May I remind everyone about that holiday article he wrote? 


Totally reblogging this again already just for the truth in the comments.

And may I add, he can also

  • play piano
  • play violin
  • scuba dive
  • rock climb
  • ride motorbikes
  • and to add to the writing thing, that piece he wrote about the carjacking was pretty bloody amazing too. I read it so early on after learning of his existence and I cried.
  • oh yeah and his arts funding campaigning. YOU HERO.
  • and his impressions are better than most impressionists I’ve seen



I also heard he’s

  • a fucking fantastic lover


I Just want to stay here a moment and savor this.

I hate you you are too perfect.

And let me just add:

  • he’s really good with kids
  • he has a fantastic taste in music
  • he took a year off schooling to teach English in a Tibetan monastery
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